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Composite current transformer

2022-07-23 14:51:59
Composite current transformer

Product description

Dry-type composite current transformer is composed of main components such as carrier fluid, capacitor core, outer sheath, umbrella skirt, secondary winding, bottom box, and end structure. There is a measuring terminal on the bottom box, which is opened for partial discharge and dielectric loss factor measurement, and should be reliably grounded during normal operation.


GB1208-2006 "Current Transformer"

GB 20840.1-2010 "Transformer Part 1: General Technical Requirements"

Product number


L: Current transformer G: Dry insulation B: With protective winding

Among them: ①: rated voltage, unit: kV


·Dry capacitive insulation, no oil filling, no air and no porcelain ·High level of anti-pollution


Conditions of Use

·Ambient temperature: -40℃~+55℃

Altitude: The standard design is 1000m, when it exceeds 1000m, it should be corrected according to GB311

· Filth level:

Grade IV or Grade III (default, equivalent to porcelain Grade IV)

Main performance indicators

Rated voltage: 35kV, 66kV, 110kV, 220kV

·Rated primary current: ≤8000A

Insulation level: (see table below)

·Temperature rise: no more than 85K

Rated secondary current: 5A, or 1A

·Rated capacity:≤100VA

·Measurement winding accuracy class: 0.5, 0.5S, 0.2, 0.2S

Protection winding accuracy class: 5P, 10P, 5PR, 10PR, TPY, etc.

Electrical test

60s power frequency tolerance, partial discharge test, dielectric loss and capacitance, error test, volt-ampere characteristic test, polarity test, open circuit voltage test, etc.

Operation and Maintenance

Maintenance free

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·The rated voltage, rated current, number of secondary windings and their performance parameters (such as rated current ratio, winding accuracy level, rated load, etc.) should be provided.

·For the protection winding, also need to provide accurate limit factor.

·For TPY-level protection windings, parameters such as duty cycle, short-circuit coefficient, and time to maintain accuracy should also be provided.

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