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The founder of the company, Dr. Wang Yu, has nearly ten years of work experience in China Electric Power Research Institute and the domestic integrated online monitoring and dry power product industry, and has independent design, development and manufacturing experience in integrated online monitoring device products and dry power products. Related products are widely used in the power market.

In 2000, the improved wall bushing and high-current bushing developed under the auspices of the company passed the appraisal;

In 2002, the 126kV dry-type transformer bushing developed under the auspices was approved;

In 2004, he participated in the research and development of the National 863 Program, and presided over the development of the current transformer for the LM-20 generator export bus. Chairman Wang Yu won the "Major Contribution Award for Promoting Scientific and Technological Progress" issued by the Ministry of Education;

In 2006, Huadian Jiaye was acquired, and the process design of 500kV dry-type current transformer was completed, which laid a solid foundation for the vigorous development of Nordway in the future;

In 2007, after a large number of demonstrations and tests, the transformer bushing prototype was completed, and all tests passed the test. It was selected as a recommended enterprise for product selection and selection for national power grid construction and transformation; selected as a member unit of Beijing Zhongguancun Enterprise Credit Promotion Association; The product has passed the type test report approved by the national authoritative authority; each product has obtained the new product certification certificate of the national authoritative authority;

In 2008, it provided China's first 500kV dry-type wall bushing for State Grid Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute; provided 330kV dry-type wall bushing and coils with special requirements for ABB; provided transformer products for Philippine substations;

In 2009, the 110kV current transformer and the 126kV wall bushing were recognized as independent innovation products in Beijing;

"Research on 500kV Windproof Bias Synthetic Insulator" won the Science and Technology Achievement Award of North China Power Grid; Nordway products are exported to Cuba and Russia;

In 2010, the 500kV line windproof and partial composite insulator was identified as the tenth batch of independent innovation products in Beijing; Nordway became a member of China High-tech Industry Association; Chairman Wang Yu was appointed as the observer of the 4th National Transformer Standardization Technical Committee; Dulwich provides products to customers in the United States, Germany and Zimbabwe;

In 2011, the products were exported to South Africa, South Korea, Peru and Bangladesh; won the title of evaluation expert of Beijing Science and Technology Award;

In 2012, a number of new technology products of Nordway were put into operation, with an annual output value of 80 million yuan; 66kV and 110kV current transformers were provided for the State Grid Corporation; Nordway successfully obtained trademark registration; And was rated as a certified supplier of China Manufacturing Network;

In 2013, the dry-type glass fiber reinforced plastic transformer bushing passed the settling test and passed all tests; Nordway became a long-term partner of Malaysian customers and was selected as the material supplier of China Railway Bureau;

In 2014, Chairman Wang Yu was selected as an observer of the "National Technical Committee of Insulator Standardization"; Nordway's registered capital was increased to 50 million yuan; State Grid Corporation's 66kV and 110kV transformer products won the bid again;

The new plant was relocated and the scale was expanded again

The establishment and operation of the ISO quality assurance system has greatly improved the management level and comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise, and the product quality and service quality have been effectively guaranteed. Excellent products and considerate services have enabled us to win a wide range of markets, and our products have spread across the country's power system, steel, metallurgy and other industries, thus establishing a good image of Nordway products as "authentic and excellent performance".

Beijing Nordway Power Technology Development Co., Ltd. has raised its market share to the forefront of the same industry in the country through continuous development and advancement. The company has an annual production capacity of 5,000 standard sets (based on 110kV AC wall bushings as the standard). In the future, we will continue to adhere to the quality policy of "scientific and technological innovation, casting high-quality products; quality-oriented, customer first", to develop our own technology, to take technology, quality and service as the basis of our competition, with more outstanding innovation achievements, more High technology content, to provide more products and services for China's power industry.

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