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Nordway has strong technical research and development capabilities. The company recruits talents from all over the world and builds a good human resource structure. At present, the company has a total of more than 130 employees, of which 60% have a college degree or above, covering high voltage, machinery manufacturing, production quality management and other fields. It has senior engineering and technical personnel and a team of skilled workers with rich production experience. The production has formed a strong development, design and manufacturing strength. On the other hand, we have maintained long-term exchanges and cooperation with China Electric Power Research Institute, State Grid Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute, Xi'an Electric Porcelain Research Institute, Tsinghua University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, and Wuhan University, providing strong technical support for scientific research and development activities. support.

1. Pre-sales technical services:

1. According to the user's design and use requirements, provide the required technical consultation and related materials to ensure the unity and applicability of the ordered product and other supporting products.

2. If necessary, send experienced technicians to the site to provide technical services, instruct the buyer to install and sub-debug according to the supplier's technical data and drawings, cooperate with start-up debugging and trial operation, and be responsible for solving the installation of contract goods. Manufacturing defects found during commissioning, commissioning (if requested by the buyer). During the service process, our service personnel ensure that they strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the construction site, and consciously take protective measures.

When the buyer asks us for on-site service, we will reply within 8 hours after receiving the buyer's notice, and send someone to the scene within 24 hours.

2. On-sale technical services:

During the sale, the products are delivered on time with guaranteed quality and quantity in strict accordance with national standards and technical agreement requirements. In the process of product manufacturing, users are welcome to come to the company to conduct on-site supervision on the selection of raw materials, manufacturing process, process management and factory testing. We will provide convenient conditions and ensure that the goods are handled, transported and delivered in the case of force majeure. intact in the process.

3. After-sales service:

"Intimate service" is the eternal pursuit of our company. We provide "lifelong service" for each set of products we produce and sell, and track and record the operation of the products.

1. The phone of the quality assurance department manager and the sales department's back office supervisor is kept on for 24 hours. Users can contact the quality assurance department manager or the sales department back office supervisor at any time.

2. Our company's after-sales service solutions are divided into three types: 1. Telephone communication and explanation, and the user will handle it by himself; There is a necessary meeting review for the organization of the problem. The participants include the managers of each department, the deputy chief engineer in charge, the deputy general manager in charge of production, and the quality assurance department issues a written review sheet, which is signed and confirmed by the relevant departments.

3. The principle of dealing with after-sales problems: the user's telephone inquiries should be answered within 30 minutes; if you need to arrive at the site within 1,000 kilometers, you will arrive within 24 hours, and 1,000 kilometers away within 48 hours.

4. Regarding the products that have exceeded the warranty period and the after-sales service cost of the products caused by the user during the warranty period, the quality assurance department and the sales department will negotiate and deal with them.

5. No matter what causes the product after-sales, the company must take the principle of solving the problem first, deal with the problem first, and try to restore the equipment to normal.

6. Our company will conduct a telephone return visit according to the different characteristics of each sub-project according to the following conditions, and make service records and registration after the return visit service. Door-to-door return visit with the consent of the customer Six months after the project is completed and delivered for use, our company will send professional maintenance personnel for a door-to-door return visit.

Our goal is to rely on scientific management and scientific and technological progress to dedicate excellent products and considerate services to the vast number of power users, revitalize the national industry, and make common progress with China's power industry.

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