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Porcelain wall bushing

2022-07-23 17:23:18
Porcelain wall bushing


Product description

The high-voltage porcelain wall bushing is composed of a porcelain sleeve, a conductor, an intermediate flange and end accessories. The porcelain sleeve is the main insulation of the bushing, the intermediate flange is normally grounded, and the conductor normally passes high-voltage current.

It is recommended to use products with a creepage ratio of 2.5cm/kV and 3.1cm/kV, which not only have high pollution resistance at the outdoor end, but also increase the creepage distance at the indoor end as much as possible to prevent flashover caused by condensation and other reasons.

Conditions of Use

·Ambient temperature: -50℃~ +50℃

·Altitude: The standard design is 1000m, when it exceeds 1000m, it will be revised according to the national standard.

·Contamination level: ll or IV


GB/T 4109-2008 "Insulating bushings with AC voltage higher than 1000V"

Product number


cwwL: pollution-resistant outdoor-indoor aluminum conductor wall bushing 1: rated voltage kV 2: rated current A

cww -1/2

Cww: pollution-resistant outdoor-indoor copper conductor wall bushing

1: rated voltage kV 2: rated current A

The main dimensions and technical parameters of the product are shown in the attached table

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