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Dry FRP Transformer Bushing

2022-07-25 17:19:43
Dry FRP Transformer Bushing

Product introduction

The dry-type transformer bushing is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic composite material for internal insulation, and silicone rubber composite material or porcelain bottle is used for external insulation.

The FRP dry-type bushing developed by Beijing Nordway Co., Ltd. adopts the stress-split buffer lining technology for its capacitor core, which greatly reduces the internal stress, stabilizes the product quality, and improves the product's ability to withstand thermal shock and its operating level.

The product has extremely high mechanical strength and can withstand a tensile test of 1250N in both horizontal and vertical directions for one week each.

The product body is oil-free, which greatly simplifies the sealing structure of the casing, the sealing is more reliable, the anti-leakage performance is excellent, and it can withstand the 72-hour water immersion test.

According to the standard

·IEC 60137, GB/T 4109

Unique Features

·It has many advantages such as no oil filling, no gas filling, maintenance-free, fireproof and explosion-proof, and pollution resistance.

·A monitoring box for the running status of the transformer bushing can be configured upon request, and the real-time bushing insulation status can be displayed by means of a simple and clear signal light.

·Lightning impulse level meets the requirements of national standards, and can maintain a 10% margin according to customer requirements.

The main technical parameters

·Ambient temperature: -40℃~+55℃

·Rated voltage: 12kV -363KV

·Rated current: 10A - 31500A

·Dielectric loss value: not more than 0.005(Available requirements meet 0.004, or even 0.0035)

·Partial discharge: no more than 10pC

·Other parameters are in accordance with the standard.


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